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PG Diploma in Industrial Automation

Course Overview

This is a 6 month program. This is a comprehensive program where students learn theory of PLCs,  HMIs, VFDs and Servo Controllers, along with SCADA. Focussed attention is paid on students picking up Programming skills irrespective of the Controller. Once they are confident with their Programming techniques, they are introduced to actual PLCs & HMIs. They learn SCADA development and integration with PLCs. Finally they work on VFDs & Servo Controllers.

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Course summary

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to program on most known brands of PLC & HMI, for medium applications. You will be able to architect a display philosophy and develop an application for monitoring, control & acquisition of data. You will also be able to program VFD/Servo Controller for position/speed/torque based applications.

Potential Employers in the Automation Industry


  • Electrical Basics
  • Control Panel Wiring
  • Understanding Input & Output Types
  • Application based Control Architecture
  • Control System Design
  • PLC & HMI programming – Multiple Controllers
  • PLC & HMI Interface
  • VFD Configuration
  • Communication & Networks
  • Electrical Wiring Design for VFD & Servo Systems
  • Design of Communication & Network Philosophy
  • Configuration of VFD & Servo Controller
  • Interface with PLC & HMI
  • Operating the VFD & Servo Controller through PLC program,
  • Monitoring & Control of VFD & Servo Controller through HMI/SCADA
  • SCADA Development
    • Application Conceptualization
    • Engineering of Network & Software Architecture
    • Planning of Screen Flow
    • Project Setup & Communication Configuration
    • Graphics Design
    • Creation of Interface Identities & Association with Graphics
    • Creation of Historical & Real Time Data Logs
    • Creation of Alarms
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