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Educational Institutions

The Goal we have set ourselves, is to offer Education & Skill Development to Engineering students & graduates in the field of Automation. In order to achieve this, we take our programs to Engineering Colleges & Polytechnics too. Our offerings range from conducting programs where we bring in all the necessary equipment and software to setting up Centres of Excellence for Automation. Either way, we ensure that the students’ work is completely Hands-on.

Centre of Excellence

We leverage our good relationship with most product manufacturers and our deep knowledge of the Industry requirements, to put together Automation Centres of Excellence in College premises. This multi product approach ensures that the students are holistically exposed to a variety of technologies which they are bound to encounter in their careers. Having setup the centre, it enables us to provide training for any number of students. It also gives the students easy access to the equipment and the software.

Long Term Programs

We believe that Automation is on its way to becoming a basic Engineering Skill because, whichever Engineering field a student chooses to work in, he/she will encounter Automation. We offer long term programs which span over multiple semesters. We structure these programs in such a way that in every semester, the students learn certain technologies and in the Final Semester, they are capable of executing a project in Automation by themselves. At the end of the program, they are totally ready to be employed and we also help in placing these students.


2/4 week long Programs where students work on basic Automation systems. After a basic training, the students are given exposure to live Industrial projects in Transforth Engineering. They gain experience by working along with senior Automation Engineers. We also encourage them to come back & continue the internship during all their vacations, so that they can successfully complete our CIC program.

Mini Projects & Final Year Projects

We help students work on their Pre Final Mini Projects, and Final Year Projects. We first teach students the basics of Automation and then guide them to use their Engineering knowledge along with it to come up with a solution to a Project requirement. The Project is entirely done by the student. The Final Year project is a very important part of a Job interview and it is imperative that the student knows clearly what he/she has worked on.


We conduct workshops in colleges to introduce Automation and its various applications to students. The agenda in these workshops is to give students a practical exposure to the subject. Our repertoire includes Automation using PLC & HMI, SCADA, Electrical Design for Automation, Mechanical Design pertaining to Automation, Automation using Embedded Controllers and IOT & its applications. These workshops can be attended by II, III or IV year students. Through the workshops, we also explain to the students, the various opportunities available to them in this field.

Faculty Development Programs

Since Automation is a field that is very Industry relevant and Technologies keep changing at a very fast pace, it is very difficult for academicians to keep up. We conduct Faculty Development programs in colleges where we talk to Professors about Industry Trends and Technological Developments. This helps them to update students and prepare them for the Industry.

Placement Training Programs

We recognize that Placement is prime on every student’s mind and that they require special preparation to clear various stages of an interview. We conduct day long programs in which we teach them how to handle Mental Ability tests, Technical questions & HR questions. We brush up their Technical Basics, from an interviewer’s perspective. We also provide hand-outs with typical questions in their stream of Engineering.


Our Corporate Training Programs are specially designed such that they cover specific areas of expertise. We also offer customized programs based on the Client Requirements. Our strength lies in the fact that we have designed, built & implemented solutions in a wide range of Technologies. Hence, we offer programs on PLCs, HMIs, Servo Drives, VFDs and SCADA. Another factor in our favour is that we have worked across multiple brands of products. So, we are comfortable taking sessions in Mitsubishi, Siemens, Schneider, Allen Bradley, Omron, Delta, GE Fanuc and ABB. The content of the Training programs can vary from Programming to Configuration & Parameter Setting to Troubleshooting Techniques.

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