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Is a Career in Automation For You?

Is a Career in Automation For You?

Do any of the following characteristics describe you?

Do Machines & Computers fascinate you ? Do you want to learn how they work & how they can be put to new uses ?

Do you like to work with your hands as well as with your mind ?

Are you excited by the idea of exploring new or advanced technology ?

Do you love the challenge of solving problems ?

Do you work well with others as part of a team ?

If these descriptions fit you, The International Society for Automation (ISA) says you are ready to enter the field of automation.

Automation is a challenging and rewarding field that also ensures a secure future for you. You can earn excellent salaries while enjoying exciting work.

Imagine possibilities of working in varied Industries like:

IT Services
Environmental Applications

Food & Pharmaceutical
Pulp & Paper
Water & Wastewater

Chemical & Petroleum
Glass & Ceramics
Mining & Metals
Telemetry & Communication

in different roles and functions like

Robotics & Expert Systems
Systems Integration

Basic Measurement
Marketing & Sales
Test Measurement

Computer Networks
Process Measurement & Control

It’s possible only when you’re an automation professional!

What are your Career Choices ?

The opportunities in automation are enormous and you could achieve success in your professional life in any of the following roles :

Engineering and design automation professionals

In these positions, you can research, design, build, and operate various systems and instruments to measure, control, and automate manufacturing processes. These jobs are vital to companies that manufacture products such as chemicals, paper, automobiles, and instruments.

Management automation professionals

 Those of you who are interested in management careers, could rise to leading positions throughout the numerous manufacturing and industrial processing sectors of the global economy.

Sales engineering

Companies rely on automation professionals to advise and assist clients and customers on the application, purchase, installation, and maintenance of available products and systems in order to improve the efficiency, output, and safety of manufacturing and industrial processing operations.

Engineering and maintenance technicians

You could play key roles in installing, maintaining, trouble-shooting, and repairing various components of automation systems.

Automation and You

Which of these modern products and conveniences do you use ?

TV ? Car ? Running water ? Electric lights ? iPod ? Computer ?

Do you ever travel by airplane or use a microwave oven?

Have you ever taken medicine or had an x-ray?

Each of these modern necessities is the result of complex processes. Without talented individuals to design, build, and maintain those processes, these technological advances could never have happened and future innovation would be impossible. Without automation professionals, our world and our future would look very different. Automation has become ingrained into the structure of our lives whether we actively realize it or not. And those engineers who have chosen careers within automation have become instrumental in shaping that structure. They conceive, design, build, operate, and maintain the processes that make our 21st century lifestyle possible. These automation professionals know their careers have a future because they help build the future!

 Automation professionals are essential to virtually every manufacturing process, whether they serve as technicians, technologists, engineers, or managers.

Manufacturing and industrial processes rely on a series of complex operations & systems. And these complex systems must be regulated using various instrumentation and control devices. These systems, instruments, and control devices employ programmable response and action devices, which basically constitutes automation.

Automation is essential to ensure the highest and most consistent quality from manufactured products. It is why you expect every soft drink, every spark plug, and every tube of toothpaste to be of a consistently high quality.

Positions in automation offer excellent pay and benefits because of the requisite level of skill and responsibility involved. As you grow in this profession, you will earn respect in a field that offers a variety of career choices and excellent job security. Because of their broad understanding of production processes, automation professionals have excellent opportunities for advancement into management positions.


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