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How are ProGyaan courses different?

How are ProGyaan courses different?

At Progyaan Learning Centre, we have ensured that the curriculum is well designed to prepare students in all aspects required by an Automation Engineer to further his education in Industrial Engineering / Robotics & Automation or to excel in the work environment. Our approach to Automation Learning is not a count of the number of PLCs and HMIs learnt, but a strong base of Good Programming Practices. Which is why our curriculum is designed by our Senior Engineers who have vast experience in this field and who know what will make a new entrant in this field stand out. This curriculum has been validated by German Automation Experts who know the expectations of an International market.

Salient Features

  • We lay strong emphasis on Learning Electrical Fundamentals

Since the Control Panel is the nerve centre of Automation, it is important for any Automation Engineer to know the components of a panel and the wiring philosophy. Notwithstanding the fact that they will work on advanced controllers & software, they need to learn how the controllers are wired to the main equipment. This knowledge will stand them in good stead when they need to trouble shoot. Back to the Basics is always the best way to find a solution to a problem.

  • We stress on good programming techniques and sound logic building practice

PLC rules the roost as far as Automation is concerned. It is the primary component of any Automation system. There are many makes of PLCs in the market. Each has its own proprietary software. We focus on logical thinking & programming techniques. We strongly believe that once a person knows how to design a solution for a requirement, he/she can program it on any PLC. With this clear agenda of creating sound programmers, we teach them how to use AB/Mitsubishi/Siemens/Schneider/Delta/Omron Controllers. This also means that having learnt programming and having practised on all these controllers, they will not find any controller a difficult challenge.

  • Teachers are Senior Project Engineers

Teachers have the experience of studying a requirement, designing a solution, implementing a solution and commissioning it. They not only impart technical know-how but also share useful insights into a real project environment and the challenges faced.

  • Skill enhancement is mandatory to be a cut above the rest

These courses are not only for Engineers who have graduated and are seeking employment. They are also useful for Engineering students who have plans to go in for higher education. Automation as a field has spread from traditional industries to the more popular software industry too. This space needs Engineers with high skill levels. So, we invite students who are still undecided about the course of their lives to also acquire these additional skills.

Effectiveness of the Courses

  • Every student is made to work on individual panels. They are given numerous exercises to work on, which is how they learn the various components of a panel and how to wire them.
  • When they learn programming, they are given exercises of increasing complexity which they execute in the simulator environment. Then, they are made to try out all these exercises individually in the lab with real controllers.
  • A project is compulsory in every course where they will have to incorporate the complete instruction set learnt.
  • Having been in the Projects Industry, we have built contacts with experts in the field who will visit the students to motivate & inspire them.
  • English language and Etiquette are a part of all our courses. It is not a supplement to the course but is an integral part of the course. We also help in building the confidence of the students to face an interview and to excel in a work environment.
  • At the end of the course, the students will go through an assessment process which will give them an idea on which direction their career should take based on their personality.
  • This is a serious place of learning where attendance and performance will be closely monitored and if found lacking, it will affect the profile we generate for the student.
  • Every student will have a profile created which will indicate their educational qualifications; past experience, if any; their performance during the course and their personality assessment. This will help prospective employers choose people who are a right fit for the job.
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