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ProGyaan Learning Centre is an Industrial Automation Learning Centre, where Automation in the real sense is taught in all seriousness to make the students eligible for a career in the Industrial Automation space.

  1. All our courses have a segment on Electrical Fundamentals unlike other Institutes, where it is just touched upon.
  2. We teach good programming techniques which makes a person’s basics so strong that he/she can confidently try working on any controller. We focus on teaching a few controllers thoroughly so that the student is directly ready for employment, unlike other institutes which claim to teach 5-10 PLCs in such a short time that the student is practically unable to work on any PLC.
  3. Our faculty consists of Project Engineers who have worked in reputed companies whereas in other institutes, typically, the students of the same institute, end up becoming faculty.
  4. We provide the students with individual machines with software and make them try out all their work on real PLCs. In other institutes, students have to share machines and controllers.


All III year or Final year Engineering students / All Engineering Graduates from any stream, are eligible to join these courses.

Certificate in Controllers (CIC) –45 days

Diploma in Industrial Automation (DIA) – 3 months

Advance Diploma in Automation (ADIA) – 4 months

Post Graduate Diploma in Discrete Automation (PGDDA) – 6 months


Power, Oil & Natural Gas, Power Transmission, Automobile, Effluent & Water Treatment, Chemical Plants, Cement and Steel, Sugar and Food industry, Brewery and Soft drinks, Railways, Airlines, Shipping, Agriculture and many more. Automation has found its way into all domains & processes.

A person can choose to go into Engineering Design, Project Implementation or Maintenance. Project Sales is another option available where there is a lot of potential.

The Prime Minister of India’s “Make in India” initiative, has been designed to facilitate investment and innovation in about 25 sectors. This offers enormous potential for employment for skilled Engineers and excellent growth opportunities.

Since Automation ensures better productivity and higher quality, all industries are investing in Automation. So, employment opportunities are very promising for skilled engineers in USA, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

No, ProGyaan does not offer any placement guarantee. However, ProGyaan builds the necessary skills in each student to make him/her eligible for a career in the field of automation. Team ProGyaan offers all the necessary support and guidance to students in connecting with the Industry, which is looking for skilled Automation Engineers. We are confident that students who learn in our environment will certainly be a cut above the rest and hence, will find it easy to make a career in this space.

For a Master’s programme in Robotics & Automation or Industrial Engineering or Control Systems Engineering, this course will serve as a strong fundamental base. It will be an additional qualification for a student who is competing at a global level. Even if a student pursues a degree in a subject not directly related to Automation, it is highly likely that his future work environment will have Automation in some way or the other. This knowledge will stand him/her in good stead there.

Automation is a field which has found its way in all industries and sectors. It is no more associated only with Manufacturing. It is an interesting space for people who like challenging environments. The IT industry offers jobs but does not ensure work for everyone. Many people find themselves “on the bench” for a long time, which makes them disillusioned about their own life prospects. The work is hardly challenging and though the initial salary may seem to be very attractive, the growth percentage is very slow. Whereas, in the field of Automation, even though the starting salaries are low, within a few years, the growth is tremendous for skilled engineers.

We believe our accreditation has to come from the Industry that recruits our students. Other institutes have accreditations from bodies which are themselves not recognised or authorised to certify these courses.


The entry level salaries for Automation engineers are between Rs. 8000 to 10,000. 2 years of experience fetches between Rs.18,000 to 26,000. After 5 years, the industry is willing to offer salaries between 50,000 and 70,000.

MNC Companies prefer Automation trained engineers primarily because, otherwise, they are forced to spend tremendously on resources and time to train the recruited engineers.


The Gulf countries offer huge number of opportunities in Building Management Systems (BMS) related services. Many MNC companies have opted to take this service with IT Companies in India as well. Home automation is an upcoming space. Productivity software and MES are spaces where Automation engineers are highly preferred.

It is a value addition to your engineering qualification. Generally, manufacturing companies do not come for campus interviews. So, if you want to enhance your appeal to the manufacturing segment as soon as you complete your degree, then training in automation could be the best move. Even if you decide to pursue higher studies, an additional qualification only gives you a better chance at admission in this highly competitive scenario.

We have partnered with Uniq Academy of Excellence who bring great value in honing the attitude & skills of students to make them employable in the Industry. They have good contacts in the Industry and by virtue of their vast experience, they have exactly mapped the gap between the capability of the students and the requirements of the Industry. They have designed programs to bridge this gap in a highly beneficial manner for students.

Your engineering degree is a basic qualification. In the current world of competition, it does not suffice for you to just complete Engineering. You have to learn skills which will enable your career and give you an edge over others.

ProGyaan does not offer accommodation during the course period, but all the necessary guidance and information related to mansions and hostel accommodation will be provided.

The nearest Railway stations are Tambaram 9 kms and Guindy 8 kms. Koyembedu CMBT is 20 kms away. The distance from Egmore railway station is 20 kms and Central Railway station is 23 kms. Chennai airport is 8 kms away.

Test your automation knowledge with our teachers and you will understand the gaps in your automation knowledge. We don’t claim to make you complete automation engineers. But we certainly teach you competence in automation, which is what you need, to begin a career in the industry.

The Faculty at ProGyaan are veterans from the Automation field. They have experience in executing projects in Tier 1 Automobile companies all over India. They are here not only to impart technical knowledge but to also share their valuable experiences with students which will prepare them realistically for a career.

We give you an opportunity to take a look at what we are offering, in the form of a sample learning, during weekends, at a minimal cost. If you subsequently decide to enrol in any of our programmes, we will adjust the amount paid in your course fees.

If the issue is represented and found genuine, fees in instalment could be accommodated.

Yes you can, provided you can make yourself available during the weekends without break.

You may have a job, but we are recommending you this course as your gateway for a better career. This course will improve your competencies to a large extent, which will give you the confidence to command better salaries.

ProGyaan does not believe in developing the necessary skills through a short-term or crash course. It is not possible to ensure the level of Learning that we want to achieve, in a short term course.

We believe that any engineering student has the potential to make it big in the automation industry, if guided properly. This is our primary goal. We are here to impart quality learning in the field of automation. We have strived hard to frame a curriculum that will prepare students for the Industry in the right way. We have brought in systems to ensure that our delivery of teaching lives up to the high standards we have set ourselves. It is for you to make the right decision and utilize the opportunity.

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