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The Inaugural Function of was held on 30th April 2016 at the Alumni Centre, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University. The occasion was graced by many Academicians and eminent experts from the Industry. Dr. Thyagarajan, Director of the Centre for University Industry Collaboration in Anna University and professor at MIT, presided over the function. The keynote speakers were

  • Balakrishnan, President SFL
  • Suresh, GM South Rockwell Automation
  • Ramanathan, the Innovation Centre Head,TCS
  • Aldrin Prabhakar, FLSchmidt
  • Lakshminarayan, Base Automation
  • Thirumalai Kumar, Siemens India

The theme for the function was “Opportunities in the Field of Automation – An Industry Institute Initiative”. All people present agreed that they shared our Vision of “The Automation Industry being empowered with skilled Engineers”. They generously offered to support our efforts in any way they could, and were very appreciative of the infrastructure we have built and the curriculum we have developed.

We are now doubly convinced that we are on the right path, and we are not alone, in our endeavour to upskill Engineers and make them employable.

Seminar in SKR Engineering College for ECE Department students

Seminar on the applications of Automation in all Industries like Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Process Plants, Building Management, Home Management etc. and the need for Skill Development for Engineering graduates. The main focus was on opportunities available for Skilled Engineers.

Faculty workshop at SKR Engineering College

Technical Workshop for faculty of SKR Engineering College & other colleges. Topics covered included Industrial Automation, its elements, the components used, applications, the Industry’s expectations from the Academic world and the approach taken in projects to Solution architecture. Delta PLC programming was also done and had the participants worked on designing Automation solutions for different scenarios.

Internship conducted at ProGyaan

A 2 week Internship program during vacation, where students got an introductory insight into the field of Automation. Introduction to Automation elements, the different Electrical components of a Control System, programming using Smart Relays. A complete Hands-on program, where the students worked by themselves, given typical scenarios in a project environment. We had an awards function at the end of the 2 weeks, where all the students were awarded certificates for successful completion of the Internship program.

Seminar at Gopal Ramalingam Memorial Engineering College – Aeronautical Department

Seminar on relevance of Automation to Aeronautical Engineers and the vast opportunities in the Aviation Industry. With the Make in India program in place, many international Aviation companies plan to set up plants in India. As air travel is becoming more and more popular, Indian aviation companies are buying a large no. of aircrafts. Hence, opportunities for Automation engineers are available in Aircraft Manufacture, Maintenance and in Logistics like baggage handling.

Seminar at Gopal Ramalingam Memorial Engineering College – Mechanical Department

Since Manufacturing is a key field for Mechanical Engineers, we could tell them how Automation is an integral part of Manufacturing, and how a Mechanical Engineer with the knowledge of Automation is a very ideal candidate for employment in Manufacturing setups. With the thrust given to the Make in India movement, Manufacturing is the next big thing in our country and these engineers were made to understand how they can leverage this to their advantage if they qualify themselves.

Seminar at MGR University

“The Dream of Make in India & how to transform your dream into action”. We touched upon the objectives of the Make in India dream; the relevance to budding engineers; increasing opportunities for them; the need for Skill development and how Automation fits into this scheme of things. We had also put up a stall there, where we provided information on our Courses, the Teaching methodology we adopt and our German endorsed curriculum.

Seminar at Valliammai Polytechnic College – Mechanical Department

The main focus was to motivate the students to learn additional skills over & above what they learn at college. Opportunities are aplenty for students from Vocational institutes but an additional skill gives a boost to their career.

Seminar at Valliammai Polytechnic College – ECE Department

The primary agenda here was to make the students understand that Electrical & Communication are the basis of Automation systems and it is highly relevant that ECE students learn Automation. There are a lot of opportunities available for Engineers but it is the lack of skill that is leading to unemployability.

SRM Polytechnic College – Seminar – EEE – 11th August 2016

Seminar on Electrical & Electronics components of an Automation system, Control Engineering. Need for EEE Engineers to learn Automation and the tremendous opportunities available in this field.

Sairam Polytechnic College – Seminar – EEE – 24th August 2016

Technical Seminar on Control Panel Wiring, Electrical & Electronic components, Programming Concepts and translation of Electrical wiring into Programming language. EEE Engineers are most sought after in the field of Automation and any EEE graduate who gains the skills required, can definitely make a good start in this space.

MNM Jain Engineering College - Placement Training Program – EEE/ECE/Mechanical – 19th September 2016

We conducted a Day long Placement training program for 4 batches of students. The agenda for the day was to help them tackle a Mental Ability Test, give them an insight into what they can expect to experience in a Technical interview and how a typical HR Interview works. We brushed up the basics of their subjects and gave them hand outs of typical Technical questions.

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