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6 Day Workshop on Home Automation & IOT

Learn simple & interesting ways to automate your home. We’ll also teach you how to apply IOT to control things at home.

Use your vacation to learn new technologies

Engineering is a Skill not a Subject. Learn to Enjoy it.

ProGyaan Learning Centre is a Place of Learning where students and graduates from Engineering Colleges & Polytechnics are provided an opportunity to learn and grow as Professionals in the HIGH-IN-DEMAND field of Automation.

Why PLC Training?

  • Automation using PLC and SCADA has been prevalent in the Manufacturing Industry and its presence & relevance is on the increase now.
  • With special emphasis being given to manufacturing in India, in order to meet global standards of productivity, efficiency and quality, Industries are now more willing than ever to invest in Automation
  • Automation in various other sectors like Home, Building, Infrastructure, Retail, Biomedical equipment and Agriculture is fast growing.
  • The exponential growth in this field means a huge demand for Skilled Automation Engineers in India & abroad.
  • Freshers find opportunities being scarce & salaries being low only because they are not readily deployable and employers have to invest time, resource & money on them.
  • Though the demand for Automation Engineers is high and the supply of Engineers exceeds the demand, there is a huge gap between the Industry Expectations and the existing Skill Levels, which can only be bridged by going through Specialised Training.

Why Progyaan?

  • Tutors are Project Engineers with several years of Industrial Experience and they stay abreast of current market trends by working on solutions in Transforth Engineering
  • The founders have been in the field of Automation for the past 35 years and hence know exactly the skills that are required in an Automation Professional.
  • It is this team with seasoned Professionals that has designed the unique curriculum and defined the effective Teaching methodology.
  • The founding team has taken guidance from a German Expert to hone the effectiveness of the Teaching.
  • By virtue of all the years of experience, our contact base in the Industry is so high, which we leverage to the students’ advantage.
  • We not only teach the specified curriculum, but also give students exposure to newer developments and technologies in the Industry.
  • All students trained by us have got placed in the field of PLC Automation on their own merit.
  • Our success lies in the fact that Employers who have taken our students have come back asking for more Industrial automation candidates.

How we teach?

  • We encourage an environment of Self Learning which makes students confident to take on new Technologies.
  • Our Focus is more on Solution Conceptualization & System Design followed by Programming.
  • We take Multi-Disciplinary students and hence all our courses start from Engineering Basics.
  • The Courses are completely Hands-on.
  • Every exercise that students simulate is tried out on the Controllers.
  • The lab setup is representative of an Industrial Environment.
  • The Final Project for Course Completion gives exposure to a full Project Lifecycle.
  • The students have to go through continuous assessment and need a mandatory 70% to clear the course.
  • There is no concept of batches. Everyone receives individual attention. So students who are slow do not lose out in the crowd and some who are quick on the pick-up get challenged with more and more complex problems.
  • Weekly Group Discussions are held to build student confidence in the subject and to help them become non-hesitant.
  • Mock interviews are held from time to time.
  • Students gain live Project exposure by working on projects in Transforth Engineering.
  • Students are taken on Industrial Visits to facilities of Machine Manufacturers so that they get a clear picture of what they learn in the class room.
  • Industry experts are invited on a regular basis to talk to the students about Automation products and various applications of Automation.




  • Courses Duration: 6 months
  • Covers PLC, HMI, VFD & Servo controllers & SCADA
  • PLC & HMI  – Multiple Controllers
  • Electrical Wiring Design for VFD & Servo Systems
  • Operating the VFD & Servo Controller through PLC program

Diploma in Industrial Automation

  • Courses Duration: 3 months
  • Covers PLC & HMI
  • Controllers & HMI
  • Control panel wiring
  • Real life project scenarios
  • Control system design
  • VFD configuration
  • Communication & Networks

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Automation

  • Courses Duration: 4 months
  • Covers PLC & HMI
  • Basics of SCADA
  • Controllers & HMI
  • SCADA development
  • Engineering of Network & Software Architecture
  • Planning of Screen Flow

Certificate Course in Electrical Design for Automation

  • Courses Duration: 1 month
  • Industrial & Electrical basics
  • Design of Electrical Control Panel
  • Control Panel Wiring
  • Hardware and Electrical connections of PLC & VFD
  • Selection of Switch Gears and other Panel Components

Certificate Course in Controllers

  • Courses Duration: 2 months
  • Industrial & Electrical basics
  • Design of Electrical Control Panel
  • Control Panel Wiring
  • Hardware and Electrical connections of PLC & VFD
  • Selection of Switch Gears and other Panel Components

Automation using Embedded Controllers

Course Duration – 2 months

  • Basic Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • Introduction to Microcontroller
  • Overview of PIC Microcontroller
  • Hardware and Software Architecture
  • Embedded C – Programming Concepts




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My personal progyaan experience

I First came to know about progyaan, through Quora(QUESTION&ANSWER)site. After few trial classes& centre facility tour(happy).I enrolled into one of their Automation programs. The personal experience to be a part of program was really good.

All the staffs were friendly& technically sound.Program starts fundamental of automation basic of electrical session of weeks. Centre was fully equipments for a proper automation learning.Problem solving& logical thinking may improve, because it's very subtechnic. Freedom of experiment on things was always there.Flexible class hours.5/5 any day!

D.SRINIVASAN Calibration Engineer at Calibration Centre Pvt. Ltd. April 28, 2017

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